Positive Fiction Series

Stories listed as “part x” are ongoing, open-ended series in which each episode is a complete story.

Stories listed as “chapter x” are parts of planned arc plots, and may contain cliffhangers.

The Cell Phone Towers of Elfland

When the doors to Fairyland opened, Ian was the salesman lucky enough to get the job of extending mobile network infrastructure into a land of magic and mystery.

Part 1: Ian and the Glass Slipper

Part 2: Ian and the Beanstalk

Part 3: Ian and the Magic Mirror

Part 4: The Better to See You, Beth

Part 5: Ian and the Grey Sisters

Part 6: Ian and the Goats Gruff

Part 7: The Emperor’s New Beth

Part 8: Ian and the Briar Patch

Part 9: Ian and the Lost Princes

Part 10: The Kiss of Beth

Part 11: Ian and the Gingerbread Towers

Part 12: Ian and the Fairy Godmother

Part 13: The Stroke of Midnight

Part 14: Ian and the Shape of Change

Part 15: Ian and the Brazen Pot

Part 16: Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Beth

Part 17: Ian and the Archery Contest

Hera of Lexington

Humans drove the Gavidarians off of their planet, but many treasured artifacts are still held by the colonizers. Hera and her team are going to get them back.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3