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Chapter 2 of 40 Days in an Elvish Prison: Quentin


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Hera of Lexington chapter 6.

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40 Days in an Elvish Prison

Button didn’t quite know what he was doing when he signed up to travel with a bunch of dwarves. Now they’re stuck in an elvish prison and he has to free them.

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Hera of Lexington

Humans drove the Gavidarians off of their planet, but many treasured artifacts are still held by the colonizers. Hera and her team are going to get them back.

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The Cell Phone Towers of Elfland

When the doors to Fairyland opened, Ian was the salesman lucky enough to get the job of extending mobile network infrastructure into a land of magic and mystery.

The first goal of Anta Baku’s Positive Fantasy and Science Fiction is to provide a place where you can always go to read something light, something positive, and often something funny. I don’t hate grimdark, dystopia, or harsh social commentary, but I don’t like them sneaking up on me when I don’t expect it. You can count on stories here written with the intent to be easily enjoyable experiences.

The second goal is to make a place, and a quality presentation, for short stories presented in a series format with arc plot. Many of the most notable and lasting short stories in history have come in series, and audiences in all sorts of other media are clamoring for arc plot, but the short fiction publishing market is not currently set up to handle those things very well. I’m very interested in writing short series, especially humorous ones, so I’ve chosen this website to present them.


June 7: Chapter 6 of Hera of Lexington.

May 31: Chapter 2 of 40 Days in an Elvish Prison: Quentin.

May 24: The new fantasy series, 40 Days in an Elvish Prison, starts off with its first chapter: Button.

May 17: And we’re back with Chapter 5 of Hera of Lexington!

May 10: Announcing the relaunch of next week! I have three new stories ready to go, and we’ll be returning to Hera of Lexington next Wednesday, with a new fantasy series the week after. More details in my new blog post.