Hi folks, 

I’m happy to announce that, after a very difficult and fatigue-ridden 2022, I’ve finally recovered and have been writing at a reasonable speed again for the last couple of months. My hope was to have three stories ready to go before restarting publication, and my target date was May 17, a week from today. I’m very pleased that I finished the third story on Monday and I’m ready to go forward with this project again, with any luck returning to the weekly publication that I managed for a while in late 2021 before this setback.

The plan here is very much still what it was at the beginning of 2022, simply happening later. Next Wednesday I’ll be publishing chapter 5 of Hera of Lexington. The Wednesday after that I’ll begin the new fantasy series, titled 40 Days in an Elvish Prison. If writing continues to go well, I’m hoping to put out one Hera chapter (of ten) per month, with the other Wednesdays featuring the fifteen chapters of 40 Days. That would lead to both of those finishing around the end of October, and I already have exciting plans for what comes next, including the second season of The Cell Phone Towers of Elfland and a new science fiction series. 

Speaking of The Cell Phone Towers of Elfland, I’m also working on production of the paper and electronic book versions, with a tentative release date of June 22. And with any luck there will be a CPTE-related surprise coming later this summer. 

I’ve moved my main social media presence to Mastodon, now at https://wandering.shop/@antabaku. Once publication starts I’m sure I’ll be announcing things on Twitter and Facebook as well, but if you want to follow the progress I’m making on a day-to-day basis and get peeks into the stories ahead of time, that’s going to be on Mastodon going forward. (Unless something better comes along.) 

I’m looking forward to getting this going again next week, and I hope to see you there.