Not a lot to say today, really, just that I’m still here. Winter continues to try to ruin everything. My brain has been kicking at it, trying to get working on some of these things again, but it will probably still be quite a while before I’m able to break through into actually getting something done. Historically February is not better, only later, but it does mean that I’ve gotten through the first stage of this and don’t have as far to go.

Still reading Discworld, but I’m finding myself without much to say about Wintersmith and Making Money, which were the books of this week. Looking forward to the end of that project at this point, and thinking about what to read next. Video-wise I binge-watched the first season of Avenue 5, which is my favorite of the new crop of funny science fiction. Suzy Nakamura is really great, Hugh Laurie is of course a comedic treasure, and I really enjoy the way they’re using Ethan Phillips. It’s funny in a totally different way from how I want to be, but that’s ok, I still think there are things to learn from it as it slowly soaks into my January brain.